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I put out a request on twitter recently for academic podcasts, preferably film/media theory. After doing some quick research, I found a few things that might be of interest to humanities scholars in general. I haven’t actually listened to any of these, so if you do, reviews would be appreciated. As far as film goes, Left Field Cinema has a podcast series that looks promising. Most of what I found are not ongoing podcasts, but university lectures and one-offs. Open Culture has a good directory university courses, as well as arts and culture, and technology. Via podcastingnews, Oxford has a bunch as well. TED is a nice place to check for thought-provoking talks on technology. I am also going to check out “Art 23 Foundations of American Cyberculture” from Greg Niemeyer at Berkley.

Does anyone know of any others? These will keep my busy for awhile, but I would like to find an ongoing podcast or two about film or media theory.