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Jill Walker has an interesting post that talks about a link between blogging and academic writing, suggesting a sort of synergy between the two. That’s what I have been hoping would happen here, as I blog as I think as I generate more ideas, maybe get some feedback, fold it all back into my writing. Problem is, I’m not doing it regularly enough, and, looking back at what I have been posting, it’s mainly on blogging itself (fumbling to find a purpose, perhaps), and on techno-geeky things. Jill also links in that post to an essay by Rebecca Blood that deals with finding one’s own interests through blogging, which perhaps is also what’s going on here. At any rate, I have been writing more lately, and some of it is pretty good. Should I thank the blog? I’ve also heard of people who get smothered by the demand to constantly blog, or who say it takes away from writing time — William Gibson comes to mind, although he has started back up. I wonder if the synergy happens when the subject matter is closer to your academic work, or when it’s relatively unrelated, or whether it depends on amount and type of feedback one gets.