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I am excited to be part of a new film site/journal, The Odeon Review, a quarterly journal based selections from the blog, to which I will be contributing two weekly columns. The site launches officially on Sept 1, and has an associated kickstarter campaign.

On Wednesdays, I will post to Currently Streaming, where I will review movies that are streaming on one or more of the major streaming sites. The idea is to review films you might have missed in the theater, or don’t know about for whatever reason.

The other column, on Saturdays, will be Reviewnalysis, a combination of review and analysis, where I hope to explore the boundaries between review and analysis/critique. All too often, I find reviews of films to be mere plot summary and regurgitation of pop culture factoids. On the other hand,  analysis can be turgid and jargon-heavy, aimed at a non-general audience. I hope to bridge the two.

The Odeon Review is one of a trio of sites launched by Sublimation Pressworks, which publishes on mysticism, erotica, literary fiction. For those interested in erotica, The Modern Babylon Reader finishes out the trio.

As I mentioned above, the site/journal is using kickstarter to raise some startup cash, gain subscriptions, and maybe even pay its writers! Consider giving before the deadline of Sept 7.