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  • As many of you know, Graham Harman is working on a few books at breakneck speed for the New Metaphysics series at Open Humanities press. The speed and scope of the project is laudable, and this quote sums up the publishing philosophy:

    All books will be available free of charge in open access format, with nice paperbacks printable upon demand. It seems likely that this is how all academic publishing will operate in the very near future. (It’s simply no longer technologically necessary to have a slow publishing process with high monetary barriers to entry.)

  • On openness, there has been some discussion of open teaching evaluatoins at Prof Hacker and Sample Reality, and another interesting post by Mark Sample at Sample Reality about sharing research sources via Zotero. I have begun using Zotero, but, frankly, I still don’t quite understand it. It looks like it will be useful once I get over the learning curve, and once I do, I will likely also share.
  • This is a link to links, but check out Chuck Tryon’s recent Friday links for some real gems, such as a description of a Netflix facility, some reflections by Ebert on film crit, and a very interesting discussion of lying with Errol Morris and Ricky Jay. I’m not linking to these myself because you should go check out Chuck’s blog  anyway, if you haven’t already.