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For episode #2 of the WET Podcast, I had the great pleasure of talking to Paul Levinson. Paul is a true Renaissance Man. We talked about his academic work, science fiction writing, and musical career. He also gives a lot of great advice about writing and creating.

My favorite roductivity advice from thie episode: Don’t let social engagements get in the way of writing.

Links mentioned:

KBoards Writer’s Cafe (my username is emarsh and Paul’s is paullev)

Synchronicity on Buzzy-mag

Elegy in a Country Church Yard, Thomas Gray

Nature magazine studies errors in Encyclopedia Brittanica vs Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry about Nature article | Paul’s Youtube Channel | Paul on Twitter

Some of Pauls books (affiliate lnks):
The Soft Edge | New New Media | The Plot to Save Socrates (Sierra Waters Book 1) | Digital McLuhan: A Guide to the Information Millennium


Video for this podcast:

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Music: “Double the Daily Dose” by Revolution Void (

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