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For Episode 12, I had a fascinating chat with Simon Whistler, host of The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast and author of Audiobooks for Indies.

We talk about Simon’s career as an audio book narrator, his experience with the podcast (which has 74 episodes at the time of recording), and publishing in general. 

Some takeaways:

  • Simon suggests I perform my own memoir for audiobook, but not fiction.
  • You can break script in an audiobook and you don’t have to include everything
  • Simon’s show notes are great (which made feel inadequate as I was writing these, so I expanded them to put in this “takeaways” section.)
  • Indy authors (and podcasters) tend to be cooperative more than competitive
  • People who succeed work hard (sounds obvious, but worth repeating) 
  • Multiple sources of income is the way to go. Having a job is risky.
  • Location independence is one great benefit of working independently.
  • Podcasting is a great way to make connections.
  • In Prague, Simon can choose between 8 different Internet Providers and has a 120Mb/s connection for $20!!!
  • Nonfiction e-books don’t have to be terribly long.
  • If you have books out, audio books are “money on the table,” another possible revenue stream for your book. 

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