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This week all your questions about the patronage site Patreon are answered. In a nutshell, Patreon connects artists with patrons to let people more directly pay for creative work. Erica Castello explains it far better than that, so give this a listen.

Erica answers the following questions (and more):

  • What is Patreon?
  • What is the philosophy behind Patreon?
  • Who uses Patreon?
  • What is the best way for artists to use Patreon?
  • What type of artists use Patreon? What is the best way for artists to use Patreon?
  • Are there different approaches that work best for different type of artists (musicians, writers, podcasters, etc.)
  • What are the best rewards/milestones for different types of artists?
  • What is a good way for people to talk about Patreon (especially for those uncomfortable asking for money)?


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Erica’s profile on Patreon

Media Carnivores (I support them on Patreon).

That’s A Wrap on Patreon. (the film podcast I cohost)



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